There is no clear and decisive number signifying the exact total of countries found in the continent of Asia. The range is from 24 to 52 depending on who is providing the information. One major reason for the disagreement in the numbers is because some areas overlap boundaries. Therefore, instead of one name given for an area there may be as many as four names for various subdivided locations.

Two facts that are not controversial are that the continent of Asia is very large and highly populated. Asia stretches from the USSR to the Pacific Ocean and is the most highly populated continent in the world. When we speak of Asian countries most have heard of China (1,330,040,000 people), Indonesia (237,512,000 people), Japan (127,288,000 people) and Bangladesh (153,547,000 people). These countries have a high population rate. Countries with smaller population are Brunei (381,371 people), Bhutan (682,321 people) Cambodia (14,241,600 people) and North Korea (23,479,100 people). Asia is known for some of the largest oil reserves in the world. The top five oil reserve areas are in Kozakhstan, China, Axerbaijan, India and Vietnam. Just as any other place in the world Asia has countries with rich conditions such as Singapore and Japan and areas with very poor conditions such as Afghanistan and Nepal. Life expectancy varies from country to country with Japan having the highest life expectancy and highest birthrate being found in Afghanistan. Even though there are many poor areas in Asia there are still three main areas for high military spending. These areas provide protection for countries throughout Asia and implement defense strategies against outside invasions. The three specific areas spending the most for military operations are Maldives, Signapore and China. Asia is rich and diverse in culture from one country to the next. Languages are just as varied. Some of the languages spoken in Asia are Chinese, Russian, Slavic, Korean, Japanese and Persian. English-speaking teachers are being trained and sent to various regions in Asia to teach in their schools. Religious factions are just as varied in Asia. There is Bahai, Buddhism, Islam, Shinto, Judism and Christianity. Asia is a beautiful continent to visit with beaches, mountains and forests. The climate ranges from tropical to freezing. It is a traveler's paradise with temples, amusements parks, The Great Wall of China and excellent shopping.

List of all Asian countries (the continent Asia) in alphabetical order

1 Afghanistan
2 Armenia
3 Azerbaijan
4 Bahrain
5 Bangladesh
6 Bhutan
7 British Indian Ocean Territory
8 Brunei
9 Cambodia
10 China
11 Christmas Island
12 Cocos Islands
13 Georgia
14 Hong Kong
15 India
16 Indonesia
17 Iran
18 Iraq
19 Israel
20 Japan
21 Jordan
22 Kazakhstan
23 Kuwait
24 Kyrgyzstan
25 Laos
26 Lebanon
27 Macao
28 Malaysia
29 Maldives
30 Mongolia
31 Myanmar
32 Nepal
33 North Korea
34 Oman
35 Pakistan
36 Palestinian Territory
37 Philippines
38 Qatar
39 Saudi Arabia
40 Singapore
41 South Korea
42 Sri Lanka
43 Syria
44 Taiwan
45 Tajikistan
46 Thailand
47 Turkey
48 Turkmenistan
49 United Arab Emirates
50 Uzbekistan
51 Vietnam
52 Yemen