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গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ Gônoprojatontri Bangladesh) is a sovereign state located in South Asia. It is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma (Myanmar) to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south.
name Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal" in the official Bengali language.
Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, which the Bengali people won with the support of India. After independence, the new state endured famines, natural disasters and widespread poverty, as well as political turmoil and military coups.
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Bangladeshi tribal dancers participate in independence day celebrations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. December 16, 2006. Bangladeshi tribal dancers participate in independence day celebrations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. December 16, 2006. Stay Connected with State.
Bangladesh is a low-lying, riparian country located in South Asia with a largely marshy jungle coastline of 710 kilometers (440 mi.) on the northern littoral of the Bay of Bengal.
Rivers and their tributaries, Bangladesh's alluvial soil is highly fertile but vulnerable to flood and drought. Hills rise above the plain only in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in the far southeast and the Sylhet division in the northeast.
Bangladesh is generally flat, its highest point reaching over 1,000 ft (305 m) above sea level. The landscape is characterized by alluvial plains dissected by numerous connecting rivers. The southern part consists of the eastern sector of the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta.
Bangladesh is a unitary multiparty republic with one legislative house; its head of state is the president, and its head of government is the prime minister. In its early years Bangladesh was known as Bengal.
Bangladesh proclaimed itself a sovereign state on 25 March 1971 although it was not until 15 December that Pakistan conceded this status.
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Bangladesh is in South Asia sometimes converging with Southeast Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal to the south, mostly surrounded by India and bordering Myanmar in the southeast.
Bangladesh came into existence in 1971 when Bengali-speaking East Pakistan seceded from its union with Punjabi dominated West Pakistan after a 9 month bloody war.
Bangladeshis are very friendly and hospitable people, putting personal hospitality before personal finances. Ready-made garments, textiles, pharmaceuticals, agricultural goods, ship building and fishing are some of the largest industries.
Bangladesh is a country in South Asia, located next to the North-east Indian provincial regions of India, which converges with Southeast Asia to the east. Its full name is The People's Republic of Bangla-Desh.
Bangladesh is surrounded on all three sides by the Republic of India (Bharat), and is in close proximity to the People's Republic of China, Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal.
Present-day Bangladesh has an area of 55,126 mi² or (142,776 km²). It is bigger than Tajikistan but smaller than Nepal. The local currency is called Taka. The official language is Bengali.
Map of BangladeshMap of Bangladesh President: Iajuddin Ahmed (2002) Prime Minister: Sheikh Hasina (2009) Land area: 51,703 sq mi (133,911 sq km); total area: 55,598 sq mi (144,000 sq km) Population (2010 est.
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What is now called Bangladesh is part of the historic region of Bengal, the northeast portion of the Indian subcontinent.
Bangladesh n (Placename) a republic in S Asia: formerly the Eastern Province of Pakistan; became independent in 1971 after civil war and the defeat of Pakistan by India; consists of the plains and vast deltas of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers; prone to flooding:
BangladeshBangladesh - a Muslim republic in southern Asia bordered by India to the north and west and east and the Bay of Bengal to the south; formerly part of India and then part of Pakistan; it achieved independence in 1971Bangla Desh, East Pakistan, People's Republic of
BangladeshHindooism, Hinduism - the religion of most people in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepalmadrasa, madrasah - Muslim schools in Bangladesh and Pakistan; "the Pakistan government decided to close down madrasas that provided military training for their students"; "many madrasas in Bangladesh are
Gônoprojatontri BangladeshPeople's Republic of Bangladesh Flag of Bangladesh Image:COA of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (2001-08). Bangladesh (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ Bangladesh), officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh (Bengali: গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ Gônoprojatontri Bangladesh), is a country in South Asia.
The name Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal" in the official Bengali language. The borders of the region that constitutes present-day Bangladesh were established in the 1947 Partition of India when the region became the eastern wing of newly formed Pakistan.
migrants including Bangladeshis promising them regularisation. They claim they are government-authorised agents.
Bangladesh export to USA sees healthy growth in July-April Dhaka, June 24 (UNB) - Export earning from USA, the largest market for Bangladesh goods, registered a 34.
has praised Bangladesh's role in achieving and sustaining global peace.
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COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Bangladesh is a democratic republic with a parliamentary form of government. Bangladesh remains a developing country with poor infrastructure. Tourist facilities outside major cities and tourist areas are minimal.
Please note that Bangladesh has not widely publicized their policies for visas on arrival. Travelers may encounter delays in airport visa issuance or refused entry if they do not have visas prior to arrival.
Bangladesh, on a channel of the Dhaleswari River, in the heart of the world's largest jute-growing region. ..... Click the link for more information. is the capital and largest city; the nation's other major city is Chittagong.
A humid, low-lying, alluvial region, Bangladesh is composed mainly of the great combined delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers. Except for the Chittagong Hills along the Myanmar border, most of the country is no more than 300 ft (90 m) above sea level.
Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon climate with a distinct dry season in the winter. It receives an average annual rainfall of 80 in.
Europeans began to set up trading posts in the area of Bangladesh in the 16th century; eventually the British came to dominate the region and it became part of British India.
and violent street rallies that had marked Bangladeshi politics in previous years, the parliamentary elections finally held in late December 2008 were mostly peaceful and Sheikh HASINA Wajed was elected prime minister.
sector, 45% of Bangladeshis are employed in the agriculture sector, with rice as the single-most-important product. Bangladesh's growth was resilient during the 2008-09 global financial crisis and recession. Garment exports, totaling $12.
Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (2001-08). 2 World Bank Development Indicators Database, 2006. Bangladesh, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in South Asia.
The borders of Bangladesh were set by the Partition of India in 1947, when it became the eastern wing of Pakistan (East Pakistan), separated from the western wing by 1,600 kilometres (1,000 miles).
Bangladesh Liberation War, in which it was supported by India. The years following independence have been marked by political turmoil, with thirteen different heads of government, and at least four military coups.
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Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. 2001-08. Bangladesh.ogg Bangladesh (help·info) (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ, pronounced ; Bangladesh), officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh (Bengali: গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ Gônoprojatontri Bangladesh) is a country in South Asia.
The name Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal" in the official Bengali language. The borders of present-day Bangladesh were established with the partition of Bengal and India in 1947, when the region became the eastern wing of the newly formed Pakistan.
Bangladesh is the seventh most populous country in the world and is among the most densely populated countries in the world with a high poverty rate.
Bangladesh, the world’s media and aid organisations were on the move and Bangladesh was about to find herself wrenched back out of obscurity and once again presented to the global community as a classic ‘basket case’ (as Henry Kissinger once described the country) of disaster.
pictures and stories that emerged from Bangladesh at that time portrayed an entire nation on its knees, but this was only a half-truth for within hours of the storm hitting, the majority of the country was back on its feet and operational.
first time that Bangladesh had been dismissed as a no-hope nation, and it probably won’t be the last.
The People's Republic of Bangladesh lies in a corner of South Asia and in the eastern part of the ancient region of Bengal. The nation's name literally means "The Country of Bengal.
Bangladesh's rank among the most densely populated countries in the world is largely attributable to the fertile Ganges Delta and the monsoon rains that are the nation's lifeline.
Floods and cyclones have helped make Bangladeshis a tolerant and resilient people, who also have a large diaspora in Europe and North America, for whom what is called the "myth of return" never quite dies.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines transports travelers in its home country and elsewhere. The company, also known as Biman Air, is the national airline of Bangladesh.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines (Bengali: বিমান বাংলাদেশ এয়ারলাইনস) is the flag carrier airline of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh aviation industry until 1996. In the decades following its founding, the airline expanded its fleet and destinations, but it was adversely affected by corruption and mishaps.
Members from Bangladesh’s elite security force, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) preparing to conduct search operations in Dhaka.
The Bangladeshi government is failing to keep its commitment to end extrajudicial killings, torture, and other abuses by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and hold those responsible accountable.
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