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called the Sultanate of Oman (Arabic: سلطنة عُمان‎ Salṭanat ʻUmān), is an Arab state in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest.
Oman on the northeast. The Madha and Musandam enclaves are surrounded by the UAE on their land borders, with the Strait of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman forming Musandam's coastal boundaries.
ousting of the Portuguese, who laid claim to Oman in 1507. During this period of Portuguese colonial occupation, Omani forces still controlled most of the interior of the country, whilst the Portuguese only held on to coastal forts.
Oman established close ties with Great Britain in the late 18th century. Muscat is the capital. Population: 3,200,000. Omani O·man'i (ō-mä'nē) adj. & n.
The Omanis are predominantly Arab and tribal in organization. There are also many migrant workers from South Asia and eastern Africa who reside there. Languages: Arabic (official), others. Religions: Islam (official); also Hinduism, Christianity. Currency: Omani rial.
parallel the shore of the Gulf of Oman, reaching an elevation of more than 10,000 ft (3,000 m). A broad expanse of sandy desert covers much of the country. Oman has a developing mixed economy, and the production and export of petroleum is its largest sector.
Oman, most of whom are guest workers from South Asia, Egypt, Jordan, and the Philippines.
Oman adopted Islam in the seventh century A.D., during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad. Ibadhism, a form of Islam distinct from Shiaism and the "Orthodox" schools of Sunnism, became the dominant religious sect in Oman by the eighth century A.D.
Except for a period when Persia conquered parts of Oman, Oman has been an independent nation.
The Sultanate of Oman is in the Middle East, on the eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders the United Arab Emirates in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west, and Yemen in the southwest.
Omanis are friendly people and are very helpful to tourists. In turn, tourists should respect the ways and traditions of the Omani people.
Oman was controlled and/or influenced by three Persian dynasties, the Achaemenids, Parthians and Sassanids. By about 250 B.C. the Parthian dynasty brought the Persian Gulf under their control and extended their influence as far as Oman and established garrisons in Oman.
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The Oman Studies Centre was founded in Germany in 1975 as a documentation centre on Oman and the Arabian Gulf.
In particular, the Oman Studies Centre aims at * encouraging the study of Oman's history and of the social, economic and cultural conditions in the Sultanate of Oman * facilitating access to information and publications on Oman
The geographical area covered by the Oman Studies Centre is that of the present-day Sultanate of Oman as well as areas which historically belonged to Oman or have been under Omani influence in the past (such as Sahil Uman - now the UAE -, the Makran coast of Iran and Pakistan,
Oman, officially the Sultanate of Oman (Arabic: سلطنة عُمان, transliteration: Sulṭanat ˤUmān), is a country in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula.
east and the Gulf of Oman on the northeast. The country also contains Madha, an exclave enclosed by the United Arab Emirates, and Musandam, an exclave also separated by Emirati territory.
information exists regarding the origin of the word Oman: opinions of Arab geographers and historians differ greatly as to the origin of the name, some sources ascribing it to the Qahtani tribe of Oman and others linking it linguistically to a word meaning "settling" or "staying".
It’s a curious observation about travelling in Oman that the moment you tuck behind a sand dune and begin erecting your tent, however discreetly, someone will park alongside and start camping too.
Sharqiya Region you'll discover some of Oman's main attractions, like the beautiful beaches of Sur, turtle nesting sites in Ras Al-Jinz and the desert dunes of Sharqiya (Wahiba) Sands.
Now that the secret of Oman’s great untouched beauty is out, however, it surely can’t be long before groups of visitors are a common sight and it will no longer be necessary to seek the company of strangers at the end of a day’s exploration.
The inhabitants of the area of Oman have long prospered on Indian Ocean trade. In the late 18th century, a newly established sultanate in Muscat signed the first in a series of friendship treaties with Britain.
Middle East and North Africa in 2010-11, Omanis began staging marches and demonstrations - a small number of which turned violent in clashes with government security forces - to demand economic benefits, an end to corruption, and greater political rights.
Oman local long form: Saltanat Uman local short form: Uman former: Muscat and Oman Government type: Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
: official web sites of Oman, addresses of Omani and foreign embassies, domestic airlines, city- and country guides with extensive travel and tourism information on accommodation, tourist attractions, events and more like weather information, maps, statistics and local newspapers from Oman.
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Oman lies at the eastern corner of the Arabian peninsula. Sharjah and Fujairah (UAE) separate the main part of Oman from the northernmost part of the state, a peninsula (Musandam) extending into the Strait of Hormuz.
Map of OmanMap of Oman Sultan: Qabus ibn Sa'id (1970) Total area: 82,031 sq mi (212,460 sq km)1 Population (2010 est.): 2,967,717 (growth rate: 1.9%); birth rate: 23.9/1000; infant mortality rate: 16.8/1000; life expectancy: 74.
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Arabs migrated to Oman from the 9th century BC onward, and conversion to Islam occurred in the 7th century AD Muscat, the capital of the geographical area known as Oman, was occupied by the Portuguese from 1508 to 1648.
Oman is the only country in the world whose name starts with the letter O, but most visitors to the country are attracted for reasons other than this distinction.
, Oman was controlled by two other Iranian dynasties, the Parthians and the Sassanids. During this period Oman's administrative name was Mazun. By about 250 B.C.
Oman adopted Islam in the 7th century A.D., during the lifetime of the prophet Muhammad. Ibadism became the dominant religious sect in Oman by the 8th century A.D. Oman is the only country in the Islamic world with a majority Ibadi population.
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The location of Oman An enlargeable map of the Sultanate of Oman See also: Index of Oman-related articles The Sultanate of Oman is a sovereign country located in Southwest Asia along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.
south and east and the Gulf of Oman on the northeast. The country also contains Madha, an exclave enclosed by the United Arab Emirates, and Musandam, an exclave also separated by Emirati territory.
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Oman, officially Sultanate of Oman, formerly Muscat and Oman, independent sultanate (1995 est. pop.
Oman comprises a coastal plain and an interior region of hills and desert. Dates, limes, nuts, and vegetables are cultivated in the north and livestock are raised in the southwest, but the major product is oil.
Occupied by Portugal in 1508 and Turkey in 1659, Oman came under Ahmad ibn Said of Yemen, founder of the present royal line, in 1741. It has had close ties with Britain since the 19th cent.
Oman sees as a means to attract American investors. Areas that Oman specifically promotes for foreign investment are: manufacturing, information technology, tourism, and higher education. Investors transferring technology and management expertise, and providing employment and training for Omanis, are particularly welcome.
Omani Center for Investment Promotion and Export Development (OCIPED), which falls under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), is tasked with attracting foreign investors and smoothing the path for business formation and private sector project development.
approvals given to majority Omani companies, which tends to proceed at a quicker pace than an American company. Some Omani business people report being able to obtain approval within three days, while American applicants tell of three-month delays.
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before the country of Oman was formed, Muscat, its current capital, was a prosperous trading center and an influential regional city.
arrow Relative Location Oman, located on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, is in both the northern and eastern hemispheres. It's positioned in the Middle East, a recognized geographical region of southwestern Asia.
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Oman projects 5% growth in economy This is lower than a previous growth projection of 6.1%.
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Oman telephone code 968 is dialed after the IDD. Oman international dialing 968 is followed by an area code. The Oman area code table below shows the various city codes for Oman. Oman country codes are followed by these area codes.
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Oman Population 3,418,085 (133 of 237) Oman Area, Sq. Km.